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TITAN is a 36-month project that proposes to develop secure and trustworthy confidential data processing and sharing capabilities, and demonstrate them in the EOSC ecosystem.

The sharing of sensitive data will follow FAIR data and open science principles. The project puts significant emphasis on privacy preservation and AI technological solutions in line with existing ethical, regulatory and legal EU boundaries.

The developed open-source software platform will focus mostly on the two use cases present in the project: government data and healthcare.

By being under the umbrella of the EOSC Ecosystem, TITAN will take advantage of a commonly created brand, already established networks of contacts and working groups, and close collaboration with several other projects., some of them starting also early this year.

To promote community adoption of TITAN’s open-source software artefacts, the solution will be practically demonstrated in several vertical cross-border scenarios – notably in the public administration and healthcare sector.

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